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I dreamed I was a butterfly...


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:: There is nothing more fascinating to me in life than the connections we are able to make with other people and different cultures and traveling the world in order to make them.

:: Everything I experience have dream-like qualities and everything in my dreams are strangely life-like. "不知周之夢為蝴蝶與,蝴蝶之夢為周與?" - 莊周

:: I'm an avid procrastinator with a penchant for being punctual; I shouldn't have good grades or be successful at anything in society. Somehow, however, it all works out.

:: Every religion contains art; it shouldn't matter who is "right". To date, I have been Atheist, Agnostic, Lutheran, Jehovah's Witness, Buddhist, and Wiccan.
Now, though, I am simply human and all that entails.

:: I find the concept of reincarnation to be creative and beautiful and indulge in scientific discovery as often as possible, particularly those related to outer space and the deep sea.

:: I'm not unstable; I can't stand routine. If I've been in one place for too long, I lose all motivation.

:: When I'm much older, I'd like to be so crazy that everyday becomes a wild adventure full of new experiences, no matter where I am.

:: I love studying foreign languages. I love speaking foreign languages. I love reading foreign languages. I love talking about foreign languages. Mandarin Chinese is the language of my heart. I would love nothing more than to have a career that allowed me to work with Chinese every day.

:: One of my stranger irrational fears is that I will someday be attacked by ninjas while I am relieving myself on the toilet.

:: In my next life, I want to be one of several space cowboys making a living off of bounties, traveling among the stars on my barely running space boat, and keeping traditional Chinese characters alive.

:: I am blessed with so many wonderful and diverse friends and family and their presence has undeniably saved me from death or worse. And, oh, the world is full of things much worse than death. 謝謝大家,你們都是我生活中的最愛。

:: Do your best and live life to the fullest ::
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